Tories losing the plot

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Your correspondent John Carden leads an article that says facts and truth first. He should then be aware that although they were built during a Labour government and refurbished in 2006 the fire was considered to be due to cladding which was fitted to the flats last year.

This Tory flagship council, which has hundreds of millions in reserve, wanted to save a few thousand pounds by fitting inferior items and as a result of the Tory passion with deregulation were allowed to get away with it. The Tories have totally lost the plot! They claim to have spent seven years “putting right” Labour debt after the banking crisis only to have tripled the debt in their tenure. I couldn’t run my house by promising to “reduce a deficit”, a ploy which would lose me the same house. What they are not saying is that this country is sinking in a morass of debt driven by low taxation and giveaways to the rich and multinational corporations. We see possibly £50billion for HS2, a vanity project and massive £billion giveaways to rich landowners in subsidies. It is time this country woke up to Tory mismanagement as evidenced by the £1 billion given to the DUP to try to cement this shaky lot in power!

Richard Beck,