Too much hypocrisy from the left in Britain

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The hypocrisy of those on the left in this country is laughable.

They claim to stand for, and represent democracy, tolerance and freedom of speech, yet are the most intolerant and undemocratic once an election or referendum doesn’t go their way and they want to gag and ban anyone with a different opinion to their own.

Tens of thousands of placard waving lefties have taken to our cities streets to protest at Trump’s election and plans for his upcoming state visit. Where were they when Obama implemented a similar travel plan, and why aren’t they besieging the Embassies of countries with real human rights issues?

Speaker John Bercow says he wouldn’t be comfortable welcoming Trump despite sucking up to, and warmly greeting the leaders of China and Saudi Arabia for all the world to see. Like it or not Trump was democratically elected and no amount of silly slogans or placard waving will change that.

Considering our own recent referendum result and upcoming split from the EU I think it’s in our best interests to re-establish close ties and trade deals with the most powerful nation on earth, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit that the likes of Ms Abbot, Mr Miliband and Mr Blair want to sabotage this as their dislike of Britain and contempt for the ordinary person they claim to represent is plain to see.

David Brookes