Too many lost lives during Ireland’s troubles

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I was truly shocked when I read James McClean’s praise for ex-IRA Commander Martin McGuinness.

This man was a terrorist who killed British Army soldiers – remember Warrington, Guildford, Brighton, Enniskillen.

This man was a commander in a terrorist organisation.

I served four tours of Northern Ireland while I was in the army. I saw what the IRA did to British soldiers (many of them my friends).

I quote a comment from Lord Tebbit whose wife was paralysed in the Brighton bombings – Mr McGuinness was a multi-murderer and a coward.

He claimed to be a Roman Catholic. I hope his beliefs turn out to be true and he’ll be parked in a particular hot and unpleasant corner of hell.

I honestly think The Echo should not be publishing comments about the ex-Sunderland player James McClean and his tributes to McGuinness after all this is a player who refused to have a poppy on his shirt and turned his back when our national anthem was played before a friendly game in the US.

As for so-called politicians Blair, Corbyn, Major, Clinton, they should hang their heads in shame with their praise for this IRA commander.

No matter what he did regarding the Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland he will always be remembered by people as a murderer of innocent people .

Scott Andrews