Too many are overpaid in Sunderland Civic Centre

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I hope the good people of Sunderland have read the articles in the Echo about how much money this council is wasting on its self then blaming the Government – it is disgusting.

The last chief executive was the highest paid executive in the country and they gave him a golden goodbye – a total of £625,570 including £331,414 in pension contributions.

There are also 13 others getting more than £100,000.

We then have 75 councillors all getting paid and now they have added more to the gravy train by paying deputy chairman more money.

These are the people closing libraries, street cleaning, dustbins collections and much more.

The children’s services had to be taken out of council hands and the chairwoman is still a councillor. Not forgetting, of course, that they voted themselves a free meal after meetings.

I have said many times they should start in the golden halls of the civic and get rid of them first. Too many of them are overpaid and what they do these executives and councillors do?

After reading what they waste they shouldn’t dare blame the Government.

George Liddle