Too early to allocate blame on Grenfell Tower tragedy

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On July 13, in response to an earlier letter by John Carden, Richard Beck waded into the debate on the Grenfell Tower tragedy and tried to pin the blame on the Conservatives Government and its “passion for deregulation”.

As usual with Richard his letter is completely one sided. How about a little balance to the debate? What do these people have in common? Nick Raynsford, Lord Falconer, Lord Rooker, Keith Hill, Yvette Cooper, Caroline Flint, Margaret Beckett and John Healey. They were all Labour Housing Ministers who ignored advice to change the law to replace limited combustibility with zero combustibility in cladding.

The recommendation was made in 2000 after an inquiry into the 1999 tower block fatal fire in Ayrshire. It was also the Blair Government that indulged its “passion for deregulation” and changed the rules on building inspections. Under these changes anyone can become a fire risk assessor and no qualifications are necessary.

I would say to Richard, let the inquiry do its job and wait for the outcome before trying to allocate blame.

Alan Wright,