Together we can be great

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Sam Allardyce will be the best appointment Ellis Short has made.

It has taken a long time getting to this point but “Big Sam” will keep us up. He can’t do it on his own though, he needs the fans help.

I live in Northern Ireland and have attended Windsor Park on many occasions and it really is a mini fortress, 14,000 loyal fans cheering on the players through thick and thin from the first minute to the last. An intimidating stadium for any team to visit.

The players know individually they are not world beaters, but what they have is the knowledge that as long as they give their all as a team the fans will stay with them.

Yes, they will make mistakes, they will also lose games but there is no turning on the players or walking out when they go one or two down. No, that is when the fans really show their true colours. As one fans become a collective, who through their voice and passion, lift the team to another level and make them feel world class. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but the team always feels like they are in with a chance.

Now imagine if the Stadium of Light had the same passion regardless of what happens.

To get the best out of players it is not just what you say but how you make them feel, we have 42,000 loyal voices to make the team feel like giants.

Kevin Frost,

Northern Ireland