Todays Labour party is different

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I find myself in agreement with Michael Dodds, Just Tories by Another Name (May 27), regarding the Blair/Brown ‘Labour’ governments.

Most New Labour MPs were middle class careerists hand-picked by the New Labour hierarchy over-riding the local party’s wishes.

Just look at Peter Mandelson at Hartlepool, David Miliband at Shields (followed by Emma Lewel-Buck) and many more up and down the country.

Today’s Party is a completely different animal.

It has the most radical manifesto since 1945 – a very real choice for working people and their children.

The frequent correspondent, Alan Wright (Tory), is well aware of this which is why he trots out the same old weary misnomers with all the same casual aplomb as Serena Williams extracting a spare tennis ball from the leg of her knickers.

Bob Stothard