They deserve much better

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I was amazed at the lack of response to a meeting with local police and Alan Emerson, local councillor for Ryhope, held in Ryhope Library on Tuesday, May 17,at 4.45 pm.

The meeting was advertised in Sunderland Echo.

I was the only person who had bothered to turn up – the only person.

The police do a hard enough job as does Councillor Alan Emerson and to be treated in this way is shocking.

They took the time to be there for the people of Ryhope and this is the thanks they get.

It’s a different story when they are needed to help the people of Ryhope, but it has to work both ways ?

I’m personally ashamed for the people of Ryhope, the police and Councillor Emerson deserve a better response from the good people of Ryhope.

Scott Andrews