Their morals defy belief

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I read in the Echo recently that Sharon Hodgson MP is proud to serve in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

Even allowing for the depths to which politicians morals have sunk her statement defies belief.

Ms Hodgson could not wait to put the knife into her bosses back in June, when like the others of her party she could not accept the fact that her constituents voted in overwhelming numbers to leave the EU and chose to make Corbyn a scapegoat for the result rather than accept the will of the people she is supposed to represent.

She will not abide by their decision in any future talks or debates, like she did not abide by their views on Syria.

Ms Hodgson, Ms Phillipson and Ms Elliot will never abide by the will of the public who voted Labour and who believed they were old type Labour MPs like Shinwell.

They are not and never will be.

In any other walk of life they would have been sacked if they did not have the courage to resign from the party and Westminster.

I am one voter who was brought up believing in the Labour Party, who will never vote for the likes of these people.

Just turned off my TV where the debate on Brexit rumbles on in Westminster and the remain MPs still want to go against the democratic vote given on June 23.

Has this country sunk so low that democracy only counts if the public aren’t allowed a say in their future?

How dare these so-called MPs say they are in Westminster to serve their constituents – lies, lies and more lies.

Remember this at the next election,they are not like Manny Shinwell.

Richy Mackem

via email