The party for working man

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I do not believe anything that comes out of Westminster can be trusted.

Jeremy Corbyn represents the Labour party as it was in its heyday, a party for the working man, a party that gave us, Manny Shinwell, Tony Benn and Nye Bevin, who gave us the NHS in the 1948.

Because he represents grassroots Labour he is a threat to the Blairites, who hi-jacked the party from the working class in 1997.

If you read the Sun morning paper, not a day goes by without some smear on Corbyn’s character, because it is afraid the Labour Party will revert to the working man, exactly the way it smeared Nigel Farage prior to the elections.

We all remember Blair, Brown, Prescott, Mandelson, Harmon. Do you trust these people? Not on your life.

Let’s have Corbyn and the party back where it should be, with the working man, hopefully without the career politicians that infest Westminster.

Richy Mackem