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It seems that David Cameron will stoop to any excuse to keep Britain in the EU.

His latest ploy is to scare people into believing that being a part of the EU has kept this country safe.

Nothing can be further from the truth. This country being part of Nato has enjoyed peace in Europe for the past 60 years.

Make no mistake the Prime Minister is using the full resources of Whitehall to ‘fix’ the result of the much promised referendum. He has caused William Hague and Michael Gove to renege on their previous promises. The Leader of the House, Nick Grayling, has said that he believes that staying in the EU with our current terms of membership unchanged would be disastrous.

Meanwhile our Prime Minister has been jaunting around Europe, some say cap in hand, trying to persuade the leaders of the rest of Europe to agree to his renegotiating demands.

Where is the former ‘steel’ of his promises that should Britain not get his proposed reforms we will get out of the EU?

He has already watered down his ‘demands for’ the renegotiation of terms of Britain’s membership to shadows of those which he promised, namely the primacy of Britain’s Parliament, renegotiation of the common agricultural policy, the fishing policy, free movement of Labour, benefits to migrants and distancing ourselves from the European Court of Human Rights.

Recently we have read the scaremongering comments by local Labour MPs who claim leaving the EU will be a threat to NE jobs. That is hardly the view of the Chairman of Barclays Bank, who stated in his opinion Britain would easily survive outside the EU. A spokesman for Toyota has said that they would not transfer their car operations to Europe, and I have no doubt that other large investors will also remain in a country that has the workforce, commitment and the skills that brought them here in the first place.

It is for the British people to decide if they want to remain in or leave the EU not David Cameron.

Coun George Howe

Fulwell ward