The council has a cheek

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Spruce up Sunderland City Centre to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday was the headline recently in the Echo. Somebody is having a laugh.

Why should shop workers come out and clean for the council? The council has no respect for businesses here. It charges rates but won’t maintain the paving outside most of the shops. This puts staff and customers at risk of tripping. Some areas need a good scrubbing and lots of areas need the chewing gum steamed off.

Ken Dunbar says that the aim is to keep the place “safe, clean and vibrant”. It has been unsafe and scruffy for years.

In an Echo report in January, 2014, Ken Dunbar, Chief Executive of the Business Improvement District, said that he could see the buildings that need to be better looked after. Well, we still have buildings with rotten door frames, eg Vine Place and Holmeside the amusement business with the waterfall coming down at the bus queue whenever it rains and birds pecking all the dirt out onto people because the owners won’t have the gutters cleaned.

However, Mr Dunbar has an absolute cheek to criticise businesses when they are all doing a better job than the council is.

Name withheld