Thank you to the good samaritan who came my way

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How did I end up here? Well it’s a story that many can tell. I’m now just a number, a face in the crowd, homeless and quite unwell.

I escaped from a country that I loved and held dear, a land of sunshine and peace, but suddenly that changed we were trapped in a war, and from cruelty there was no release.

My story is long and I try to forget the pain and the hardships I faced. Life can only get better when I’ve reached my goal to a country where now I am placed.

So how did I end up sitting here, in a doorway shivering and cold? With no job, no money, no home and no warmth, I’ve resorted to begging and have to be bold.

Now I just sit and ponder and look around, observing those who stare at the ground. While others with their heads held high, walk with confidence, not looking shy.

So many people, all shapes and sizes, passing me by, there’s no surprises.

Am I invisible or someone to fear, looking real shabby with no smart gear.

Daily I find my own little spot and place down a bowl, not wanting a lot.

I’ve tried The Big Issue, no success there, faces become blank, they pretend I’m not there.

A smile or a nod would help “by the way”, then I would feel more human, in a strange kind of way.

It’s a very long day, sitting on the cold ground, yet if I move, another sad soul, will soon be around.

So now I sleep on the job you may say and await the Samaritan who may stop my way, because there but for the grace of God, you could end up like me, carrying this load.

You remember I was once, the smart young man, full of energy and life, the race I ran. Until misfortune, suddenly struck me down, and here I am, alone and solitary too weak to cry.

However, today has been really good, someone reached out and gave me some food.

A cup of coffee, a cake and a bun, then he shook my hand saying “God Bless You, my son” I felt such warmth of love pouring out, from this stranger who stopped for a down and out. He was a Samaritan who came my way, giving me time, in a heartfelt way.

He may never know how his act of love, restored my faith in the Lord above.

Asylum seekers, Refugees, Immigrants and more, homeless and helpless need an open door, where compassion and charity comes straight from the heart, showing and sharing God’s love from the start.

Mildred Flett