Terrifying war zones

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I can fully understand why the refugees are fleeing from their terrifying war zones and my hearts goes out to them.

I’ve seen just what it’s like living in such areas during my service in the regular army.

I have spent a great amount of time over my years painting pictures of the devastating consequences brought upon by war and I consider all wars are futile and against God’s will.

I have exhibited several of my deeply emotional paintings in places including Durham County Hall.

However, very sad to me; I felt it fell upon deaf ears and eyes which did not want to see.

Why don’t you paint pretty pictures? Seascapes, landscapes, flowers or pets, they would say.

Actually, I have painted all these pretty things and other relaxing scenes but I wanted people to think about what happens when a bomb explodes.

A bomb leaves many years of suffering and mourning for a great many people.

I want my paintings to help people to realise the wonder of peace and acceptance of all good people.

Jimmy Chambers,