Sunderland’s public toilet facilities are inadequate

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So the council is now threatening to close some of the city’s public toilets.

You couldn’t make it up. They already closed two toilets, Park Lane beside the market and the one used by people in Local Studies and Connexions.

Apart from toilets in The Bridges, which I don’t think will be closing, I believe this leaves toilets at the interchange and Museum and Winter Gardens.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have toilets at the railway station.

The toilets at the interchange are the gloomiest, dirtiest, smelliest and most basic I have ever come across.

Also, three women’s toilets for train and bus users is highly inadequate.

Councillors are talking about monitoring the footfall in public toilets.

If the Park Lane facilities were improved, extended and cleaned properly, and often enough – I’m not talking about a few chemicals poured down the toilets – there would probably be a greater footfall.

Some people might just wait to go to Debenhams or The Bridges’ toilets.

Also, one of our two department store’s toilets has gone down the pan. Pardon the pun.

Staff never put the big toilet rolls on the wall fixture any more and they are lying on the floor, sanitary bins, etc. Some of the holders don’t even have covers on now or are left open.

The council website also needs updating.

It is a long time since we could use the toilets in Fawcett Street where the refurbished library was, and there is no mention of the facilities in the museum.

They only mention beach area toilets and ones at The Green in Southwick.

Are they, in fact, still open?

This is quite a big city. We don’t want to be embarrassed when visitors arrive here.

Please, councillors, get your act together!

Name withheld