Sunderland’s new bridge road works saga

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I write regarding the long running saga of the roadworks leading up from the new bridge to Pallion Road – European Way.

Has the council not put in place a penalty clause concerning this fiasco of a road realignment. It was started in March last year and still there is no sign of completion.

To make matters worse, another road disruption is underway, with the laying of the new cable routes to the bridge via St Luke’s Road, which further reduces traffic flow, but I will at least give credit to that firm, they seem to know what they are doing, being a British company.

While on the subject of work attached to the new bridge, the roadworks that come from the bridge under the Metro line to European Way is cutting a great swathe through the land that had previously been designated for housing. Is this still on the agenda?

With the regeneration of lower Ford, I think a new Metro station is called for. At the present bridge underpass, beside the allotments, there is land further west adjacent to the allotments, that could be used. I wait with bated breath for anything happening by this council.

Ian Pallace,

UKIP Chair, Sunderland and Washington West