Sunderland’s green spaces should be for public to enjoy.

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The continuing criticism of Sunderland University’s decision to sell off the green space, south of South Bents, which was bequeathed to the people of Sunderland many years ago, is gathering pace.

However, we now learn that the university has changed its mind about selling the land for housing and submitted one for building horse stables that will effectively close down public access and leisure pursuits the public has enjoyed for many years.

According to the Rural Services Network and the Open Spaces Society, green space should be preserved and open to public use for leisure and other activities.

Both groups campaign to protect common land, village greens, open spaces and public paths.

Even Sunderland City Council claims to support this much-needed strategy of protecting green spaces within our city and there are plenty of places for housing to be built, the huge stretch of land owned by Gentoo at Pennywell for example.

If the university has its way and builds horse stables on this very pleasant green space at Seaburn then it could, potentially, have the space re-classified at a latter date into a brown field site and so developed into the original plan – building houses.

This green space is for people to enjoy and should remain as such!

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell Ward