Sunderland’s bid is one big joke

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Sunderland bidding to be City of Culture 2021. Don’t make me laugh.

Is there anybody living in the rubbish strewn, rat infested, employment black spot really believe that millions of pounds should be wasted on this joke of a bid. Just who, I would like to know, will benefit? Obviously the people behind the idea are walking around with their eyes firmly closed. For weeks now there have been letters in the Echo from all corners of the City complaining of the litter ridden streets you can’t walk without standing in dog dirt, boarded up derelict properties left to crumble. It’s an absolute disgrace that once again the people in charge of the City’s purse strings are voting to squander millions of pounds on whims of fancy (i.e. the new bridge over the Wear). It’s time that tax payers money was spent on benefiting the taxpayer, the working class and not the elitist few. Liberty, equality, fraternity.

M McArdle

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