Sunderland needs the good publicity

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The first time Sunderland tried to be the first to declare the election result was in 1992 to celebrate Sunderland becoming a city.

The media used to give lots of free publicity to a handful of counts, Torbay, Cheltenham, Bath and Harrogate, and their councils gained a lot of good coverage.

The cost of doing a speedier count must be minimal. The result is analysed for swings between the parties and can predict the way the General Election will go.

Sunderland gets much-needed publicity to promote a good image. Sunderland’s result in the EU referendum went worldwide in its ramifications.

Before 1992 the two Sunderland seats were counted simultaneously, and the results were announced about 1.30am, at the same time as hundreds of others, so we got special attention.

Sunderland needs all the attention it can get.

Mr M Lathan