Sunderland has no direction

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It defies belief that Sunderland City Council has been unable to fund vital services across the city after claiming that money is short.

More specifically, the council has had to move the city library into the Winter Gardens (or are they, the public never know with all these developments) and axe our bin collection rates due to “savage Tory cuts”, it claims.

I will never vote Conservative, and until recently, I sympathised with our city’s leaders. However, after discovering that former Chief Executive Dave Smith received in excess of £600,000 this made my blood boil – what was even more alarming is how the Conservative Party centrally couldn’t care less about local councils wasting money and Jeremy Corbyn, the man of the people, has not condemned this either.

The council has also appalled me over Brexit. Paul Watson is virtually a Conservative over the matter.

It seems that he has not done much to lobby central Government for a good deal for the city and is in perpetual paralysis over the fact he wanted to remain, yet his city wanted to leave.

Even more surprisingly, the local Conservatives seem not to have a clue over what they want Sunderland to have post Brexit – simply telling us to trust Theresa.

Theresa May, like the Conservative Party generally, will not be too concerned about our city.

This city has no direction over Brexit and I don’t think I will be able to vote for the spineless Conservatives or the spineless Labour Party at this General Election.

Leonard Short