Sunderland Council responsible for proposed West Park development

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I attended the recent West Park public meeting where a Labour councillor tried to tell us that Labour councillors were not responsible for the proposed disposal of West Park in Herrington for development.

It is a Labour-run council. The ward has three Labour councillors. It is a Labour majority on the planning committee it is a Labour Cabinet that made the decision to go ahead with the City Development Strategy. How cannot it not be the responsibility of the Labour councillors?

Sunderland and other councils are asset stripping green space and green field sites.

We are one of the few cities that has a depleting population, why do we need more private sector housing when so much more affordable social housing is needed?

Obviously the enhanced income for sale to private developers is the reason for selling along with the building contribution to the council and the high value council tax revenue. So much for being proud of our green spaces as Coun Mordey keeps reciting.

This is happening in Washington, on the seafront at Seaburn as well as in South Tyneside in Cleadon and Whitburn. It is asset stripping.

I find it odd that South Tyneside only build leisure facilities on the seafront and Sunderland want housing, obviously they don’t want to compromise each other’s planning objectives.

Houses do not being visitors but leisure facilities will.

John Malloy