Sunderland Council making the wrong choices

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Mr W Quinn attacks Coun George Howe for challenging the increase in cost of Telecare.

It is Sunderland Labour Council that is making the decisions on what services are cut and where money is spent.

Is it right to cut basic services and reduce staff numbers by 48%, yet continue to pay the salaries of full-time trade union officials at accost of £250,000 per year?

Is it right to spend £31,000 on a three-day event in Barnes Park with more to come this year?

Recently the Washington Area Committee approved a budget of £50,000 to celebrate the “birthday” of Washington New Town.

It’s the council that decided to award the ex-chief executive a £185,470 pay off.

They then awarded his replacement a salary package worth £209,468 – £66,968 more than the Prime Minister.

The council claims it can no longer carry out the services it has provided for years.

Why then do we still have the same number of Cabinet Members?

If their responsibilities have reduced through no longer providing services, can they not reduce the number and merge responsibilities?

Why did the Labour Council decide to add another tier of responsibility attracting additional allowances?

The recently created positions are titled ‘deputy cabinet members”.

So cabinet members are providing less but they want help to do this?

Why did the labour Council feel it was right to spend £375,000 subsidising concerts by millionaire pop stars?

This was only exposed after digging by Conservatives councillors.

The Labour Council has been subsidising the privately run Empire Theatre to the sum of £247,800.

The council also has £7.7million in its reserves.

It is all about choices. Sunderland Council is consistently making the wrong ones.

Alan Wright