Sunderland Council housing policy causing problems

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I am sure I am not the only one suffering because of buy to let houses and house of multiple occupancy, which often blight decent residential areas.

We have had to deal with fighting in the street, regular police raids and arrests, drunkenness in the gardens, vandalism and a general feeling of intimidation.

Because of the police regular attendances they would find it cheaper basing an officer in the house to help with the regular ambulance visits for drink and drugs.

The police were there last night for over an hour with a dog and then the occupants living there were running screaming waking everyone up at 5.30am and yet more police attendance.

The council and taxpayer funded charities are putting these long term problems in residential family areas and ruining people’s lives.

The council’s plan to get rid of all the hostels in Sunderland, which often have residential wardens and support inhouse is leaving people living in fear and ruining their quality of life.

The land lords are happy getting the housing benefit and don’t really care about their neighbours.

The council anti-social team has been totally useless at dealing with the issues and has been all too quick to close any complaints.

Other council employees and our elected councillors have been equally ineffective but they don’t have to live with the problem.

I am sure if they had to live with these issues action would soon be taken against the landlord and the residents.

So much for building and protecting communities.

A Richard