Sunderland council ‘failing to fine smokers’

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Councillor John Kelly says that there is a lot of help here for people who want to give up smoking.

What about all of the non-smokers (who are in the majority) who want help/protection from not breathing other people’s smoke or being burnt by cigarettes?

This council refuses to do anything about all of the people who smoke in Sunderland in interchange (all ages, both sexes) and in many bus shelters, including ones in Chester Road, Low Ford and Holmeside.

When you tell some of the culprits that it is supposed to be a non-smoking shelter they grunt or say “Aye” and carry on smoking regardless, forcing the non-smoker to get up and wait outside whatever the weather.

They haven’t fined one person for this offence since the law came into force in July 2007.

Since one reader is taking the council to court for not fining able-bodied drivers who park is disabled bays, perhaps some of the non-smokers should take the council to court to get it to enforce this law.

Warnings or just talking to these people is not the answer.

They already know all about this law. They have had 10 years to get used to it and there are signs all over, apart from the ones they have removed.

I am proud of the fact that I have never smoked.

I resent the liberties that some smokers take and the fact that this council turns a blind eye to it and shirks its responsibilities.

Name withheld