Sunderland Clouncil back bottle idea

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Richard Ord (March 22) doubted whether the Labour dominated council would back my proposal of introducing a deposit scheme for cans and plastic bottles in the city.

The council vote in support of my motion was unanimous – one occasion on which Richard would have been happy to be proved wrong?

That does not mean, of course, that such a scheme will automatically be introduced quickly.

There are a number of obstacles in the way and it may be that a national scheme would have a better chance of success.

We have, however, made a start.

In the meantime it would be good to see other schemes to encourage recycling and less litter.

One such example to be commended is the initiative taken by St Aidan’s Catholic Academy in conjunction with the nearby Wilson’s Convenience store in Tunstall Road.

As a Lenten project to support the Water Aid charity, the school is encouraging pupils to recycle cans and plastic bottles with recycling bins within the school’s grounds.

Wilson’s are marking cans and bottles sold to St Aidan’s pupils with a “W” to help the school keep track of how many are recycled.

Both Wilson’s and the school will be making a donation to Water Aid at the end of Lent – and Wilson’s also intends to provide more bins for litter.

I wish the St Aidan’s/Wilson’s scheme well – and hope others will follow.

Coun Peter Wood,

Leader, Conservative Group, Sunderland City Council