Sunderland AFC ‘no longer have a team’

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When Moyes spent £22million on rubbish in the summer and compounded it with contracts for has-beens and third rate rejects, we were always going down.

That was obvious from the start of his Sunderland tenure.

Allardyce left us needing three players for a mid-table side.

When I read in the Echo that Billy Jones says this, Seb Larsson says that and O’shea says we must work harder etc, I feel sick to the back teeth.

Third rate Sunday League that’s what we have.

So-called pundits feeling sorry for Moyes having no money, what about the £8million for Djillibodgy, £13million for N’dong, £5million on McNair and Love.

The last good centre half we had was Dave Watson.

We no longer have a team.

Richy Mackem