Sunderland AFC losing supporters goodwill

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Having witnessed one of the most abysmal 45 minutes of football ever played by a Sunderland team in the first half of the last home match match against Burnley, I think it is fair to say that the recent “bonding” trip to New York has not proved to be a very bright idea.

What possessed a club like Sunderland to go on this expensive folly at around the same time as announcing good people connected with the club were to lose their jobs, defies logic and decency.

And to see these ridiculous logos paraded around the ground with hollow words such as “Unity is Strength” and “Keep the Faith” is, in my opinion, an insult to the intelligence of the 40,000 plus regulars.

It is a disappointing club that pays off working people who are not earning a fraction of what the underachievers take home, many courtesy of our manager raiding his ex-clubs for players, who are paid thousands of pound per week for either being injured or sub-standard.

There is an apathy and sadness at the Stadium of Light these days and it is not just having to watch under-performing, overpaid footballers.

There has been and still is massive mismanagement behind the scenes and the club is fast approaching the time when it loses the goodwill and the trust of its most important component – the supporters.

Michael Dixon