Stop scheme in its tracks

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It appears that the council is wanting to bring hospital parking down as far as Aiskell Street.

We have absolutely no problems with parking here, nor in Hawthorn and Gilsland.

I drive into these streets every day to check.

Each household would have one free permit.

In my case where two daughters visit me about once per week it would cost £20 for one and £40 for the second car per year.

I have relatives down South who could visit twice per year, it would cost £80 for one and £100 for the other.

There are always plenty of parking spaces in the three streets I have mentioned.

I would guarantee no people connected with the hospital or visiting it would park here, we are a long way away.

This is, surely, the council wanting to extract more money from us.

The council may ask these residents to vote on it. Remember every household which does not vote would be counted as approval for the council plan.

Why do we pay road tax?

We must stop this hospital permit parking plan in its tracks right now.

Marjorie Matthews,