Start in the council first

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Before the council thinks about putting up the council tax, members should look at all the money they are paying themselves.

The allowances are printed in the Echo in the public notices section.

There are 75 councillors each with basic allowances of £8,369 plus extra for being a portfolio holder or committee member – the cost is massive.

On top of that, they can claim a car allowance and meal allowances.

I had to take sandwiches and pay for my petrol out of my wages.

Why is the council leader keeping quiet about the golden goodbyes? It is our money, we have a right to know.

This council is wasting money all over yet blames the Government.

I bet there are people in the city who can remember when councillors did it for the honour of representing Sunderland, a cup of tea and a biscuit if they were lucky.

So start inside the council first and not on the people.

G Liddler