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Aspiring Tory Councillor Dominic McDonough is absolutely correct when he says that the council is letting us down when it comes to our pavements.

Not only are residents throughout Sunderland dissatisfied with paving in their area but we are all disgusted and embarrassed about the state of the city centre paving. The block in Vine Place, which includes The Armed Forces Careers Offices, is simply not fit for purpose.

It is time to drop the mantra of “Government cuts” and bring the paving up to the standard I’ve seen in other towns and cities.

The £90k in compensation to trip victims is only part of the picture. Apart from the cost to the NHS, the worst part is the misery, pain and incapacitation of the victims, many of who are elderly. Some of the injured can’t go to work or enjoy sport.

Stop wasting money councillors, and spend it on something.


High Barnes