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On Friday, March 25, I was looking through my Echo when I came across photos of the Big Apple in the USA – what a wonderful city it is.

For example the beauty of the city and the Manhattan skyline. Look at our city, what a dump the ‘town’ is.

I was just wondering whether the real matters of the town (I know it is a city) really sink in?

We need to concentrate on filling those long-time empty shops in High Street West and Fawcett Street, and will anything ever be done about another dump in Sunderland – Southwick Road and those dirty buildings, the shops and Southwick Green.

Councillors need take a good walk around the town and Southwick to have see for themselves what its like.

The USA photo was just an example. I know the City of Sunderland will never be like the Big Apple. The point I am trying to make is it can be beautiful.

Edwin Robinson