Solution needed for a dignified adult care system

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It is encouraging to see so many MPs across all political parties recognising the need for action to find a sustainable solution to the adult social care funding crisis following an Independent Age survey.

The extra £2billion for social care over the next few years is a step in the right direction, but it is only one-off funding, which reduces each year.

Vital services caring for elderly and disabled people still face an annual £2.3billion funding gap by 2020, which will continue to grow.

It is absolutely critical that the Government brings forward its Green Paper on the future of social care, works with local government leaders to address the issue of long-term funding and also create the conditions necessary to ensure the development of the right kind of care and support services.

We strongly support a cross-party consensus on adult social care, and councils are firmly committed to making this happen.

With councils facing further funding pressures, and growing demand for support by the end of the decade and beyond, this is the best way to ensure we will find a solution that ensures our future generations enjoy a care system, which doesn’t just help them out of bed and gets them washed and dressed, but ensures they have dignified and fulfilling lives.

Izzi Seccombe,


Community Wellbeing Board,

Local Government Association,

Turnmill Street,