She was a great lady

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What a wonderful turnout to Denise Robertson’s funeral in Sunderland. The wonderful lady must have been one of the greatest people ever to have been born in our city.

We should have a statue of the great and loved lady placed in the centre of Park Lane to remind everyone of her kindness and caring; as this would influence everyone to reach out and help people much more. She was one in a billion.

Denise helped 40 charities, including a lot in our area. She cared very sincerely for every one of them and never refused to take part in fundraising shows. Denise was the agony aunt of the century.

I hope Denise will have a special word in the Lord’s ear asking: ‘Can Sunderland football team survive and remain the premiership’. As one thing is for certain out Sunderland lass will a very high place and great respect in heaven. Looking down upon us, nothing will make her happier than her team winning games.

Jimmy Chambers