Shame on the remainers

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I always believed that we lived in a democratic country, but my belief is now challenged because after a totally democratic vote by the country, to either Remain or Leave the EU, there was a clear mandate by the public for us to Leave.

Now we have some of the remain populace, also some MPs, challenging this decision and saying we should have another referendum.

It appears that they didn’t get the result they were hoping for, so they want to vote again, in the hope that the result will change in their favour. They also have Mr Blair and Mr Mandelson advising them to challenge triggering Article 50, the EU referendum withdraw clause, and have engaged a London law firm in this endeavour.

We all had the same information to enable us to cast our vote and used it accordingly, which is fundamentally democratic, but these morons are behaving like spoilt children who cannot get their way. Shame on them.

Jack Wiffin