Shame on hospital for treatment of Sergeant

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So staff at the Queen Mother Hospital in Margate thought it perfectly acceptable to insist that Sergeant Mark Prendeville be hidden out of sight from fellow patients because his RAF uniform might offend fellow patients?

Welcome to Great Britain 2015. A Great Britain where a serving member of its armed forces finds himself an outcast in his own country, a Great Britain that is so scared to be deemed racist or prejudiced it allows these disgraceful incidents to happen, a Great Britain that is slowly but surely being stripped of its culture and identity, and last but not least, a Great Britain that by ignoring the concerns of the vast majority of British people regarding its farcical immigration policies is failing miserably to address what is one of the biggest issues facing the country today.

This problem won’t go away or solve itself, it will in fact only get bigger and the implications down the line are nothing short of horrendous. We cant put it off any longer steps have to be taken and taken now

M McArdle