Servicemen have rights

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British veterans of the Iraqi war are being hounded by several law firms regarding the alleged torturing of Iraqi civilians during the hostilities.

I find it disgraceful that the MOD is encouraging this interference by certain money-grabbing law practices.

Why doesn’t the Government step in and stop this disgraceful practice?

British forces were sent to the conflict after the lies by Tony Blair and his ‘dodgy’ weapons of mass destruction claim – a claim later found out to be fallacious.

I suppose many readers will remember the short lived reception of joy when Hussein was deposed only to be followed by the massacre of several British Redcaps who were beaten to death by an outraged mob of Iraqis.

Who will forget the scence on TV which showed a British tank crewman burning to death because an Iraqi had thrown a petrol bomb onto his vehicle?

The situation was such that civilians and gunmen were indivisible –they did not wear uniforms.

The same has happened in Aftganistan and these incidents will continue to happen as these conflicts continue.

British troops are respected throughout the world for their bravery, discipline, and proffesionalism.

I must say that I abhor the fact that having served their country, and the loss of hundreds of lives they now have to contend with persecution by money-grabbing scoundrels.

Don’t these men deserve to be left alone and not hounded? Ater all they have their human rights too.

Coun George Howe