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I’ve been looking at the Go North East website, and I read such statements as “Providing good value bus services that meet our customer needs is what we are about.”

The managing director proudly proclaims he wants to deliver excellence and develop customer relationships. There is the timeless statement: “Many customers are young or elderly and we’ve given priority to ensuring that our buses provide a safe environment for everyone.”

Sadly, its actions in withdrawing the daytime 35A bus service from East Herrington shows none of this alleged customer-centred idealism. Many people, including myself on occasion, relied on this bus for access to medical services at the four practices and clinics in Silksworth, including the residents of Oakfield Court sheltered housing facility.

Supposedly, the residents were consulted about this withdrawal and surveys were done, although Nexus is on the record as saying “they believed that the changes in January were done without the appropriate consultation.”

Go North East also said recently, in response to a local petition, that people – including pensioners in poor health – should travel to Barnes Park from Herrington, then get a bus from there, if they needed to go to Silksworth.

I’m sure that the prospect of getting off a bus, walking to a second bus stop across lanes of heavy traffic, then waiting for half an hour or more in bad weather, then doing it again to get home, will do wonders for the wellbeing of those in poor health this winter.

Go North East also mentioned taxis as an alternative. Of course, its not the one having to pay out of its state pension.

I would just like to say to this company that your service on this occasion was not excellent. You are certainly not meeting customer needs, and you are not helping the elderly or putting passengers first. In fact, it seems to me that your profits come first.

Meg Crosby