‘Secrecy’ from clinical commissioning group

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As a patient suffering breast cancer and living in Sunderland, I feel there is a lot of secrecy going on with the powers that be.

I attended a Breast Focus Meeting recently, which the Clinical Commissioning (CCG) the people who are now responsible for the NHS, had arranged.

Breast care patients were invited to one of three meetings held in August. The invite stated “We would like you to take part, to talk about breast services in Sunderland”.

Patients at the meeting I attended were asked to explain about themselves and their particular circumstances in confidence. There were two representatives employed by the CCG, one of whom was taking notes when each of the patients explained about themselves.

I believe the CCG is not being open and honest with patients. Why do we have to discuss a Breast Service in Sunderland, when we in Sunderland have been very lucky to have an excellent Breast Service in Sunderland Royal for years?

Breast Cancer Survivor