Seaburn residents not being listened to

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As resident of Seaburn I am amazed at the lack of publicity the local media is provid about the council’s redevelopment plans.

Are people aware that the car parking is to be reduced from 500 to about 80 spaces and no definitive plans are provided for the leisure facilities hoped for.

Why was the latest meeting arranged with only 24 hours notice and only delivered to a selected few residents?

The development of Seaburn should be for the benefit of all the residents of Sunderland. This is the jewel in the crown of the city and is loved by the people of this city.

The hastily arranged meeting by the council and Siglion was still attended by a much larger number of residents than they had expected – they could not all get into the small residents’ lounge at Cuthbertson Court.

The council doesn’t seem to want to know what the residents think or care. I would love to hear the views of people from other parts of the city.

Pat Reynolds