Seaburn needs leisure facilities not houses

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I want to assure the residents of Seab​urn and the city in general that I, together with Coun Bob Francis’ support the hope that the seafront will be used for the building of a leisure complex with the facilities that were lost when the Council demolished the Crowtree Centre.

The Council did promise users that an alternative provision would be provided, alas and, as usual, the council reneged on that promise. Instead they advised former users to use other facilities such as the one several miles at Houghton, and thus depriving hundreds if not thousands of people of enjoying activities under one roof.

Here at Seaburn there is a golden opportunity to have a super leisure facility on the seafront. I have suggested on several occasions that a swimming pool, indoor bowling green and an ice rink would create a great attractive venue for families, people young and older to enjoy the benefits of a modern facility. Such a centre would change the seafront from being a place to visit for two or three months to a year round thriving pleasure venue that would provide healthy and fun activities leading to a quality lifestyle that is sadly missing for many.

The perceived thoughts of those who want such attractive revamping of the seafront is that the Council and Siglion are planning to build scores of houses on green field land that will preclude the facilities that I, and thousands of like minded people really think is more important. The University of Sunderland, to their shame is also selling more green land, the former recreational field, next to South Bents, for house building. If this land grab continues there will be no green land between South Bents and the river Wear.

These plans are against the National Land Management policy which recommends that such green field areas are preserved for health giving activities and more utilisation of brown sites for housing.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell Ward

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