Saturday, September 24th, 2011

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Power to the pensioners!

I AM writing to congratulate Dennis Gillon on his correspondence about the “Blue Rinse Party”. At last someone who has some commonsense suggestions to make regarding the present state of our country. It’s a pity our political leaders cannot share his views.

The idea of a Pensioner Party does have some merit when you consider the present situation. Pensioners are getting a raw deal and seem to be regarded by politicians as something to be tolerated instead of valued. Their attitude seems to be you have worked hard, paid your dues, now be quiet and take what we give you and don’t make a fuss.

Over recent years the Bank of England and the Government have abandoned savers. Many of these savers are pensioners who did the right thing and saved all their life for retirement in the hope of getting enough return from their investments so as not to be a burden on the state.

The Government wants us all to have more for our retirement in the form of pensions and personal savings. There is no point in trying to save when every pound you do save loses money year on year from the effects of low interests rates and high inflation, and that’s before pension fund managers take their slice of your hard-earned cash. Better perhaps to simply spend all now and let the state take care of you later.

In these uncertain times minority parties could well end up holding considerable political power. If pensioners were to unite in the form of a political party dedicated to the interests of pensioners and the good of the country they could end up as a force for good.

Pensioners usually do vote and they have long memories and the so-called grey vote is steadily increasing. If they all choose to support a Pensioner Party, that party could be in a position to exert considerable political influence. Hopefully, provided the Government has not worked us all into an early grave we will expect to enjoy the retirement without having to worry where the next penny is coming from.

Hopefully, this letter will provide food for thought across all sections of society and, who knows, end up rattling the cages of our present political masters.

Ken Mitchell, Thorney Close, Sunderland

Angels at Angels

ANGELS – appropriately named by definition and deed.

I am a frequent visitor to Angels fish restaurant in Sunderland and have always found Dave, the proprietor, and his young female staff polite, courteous and very attentive.

I must compliment the young staff in the way they responded to an incident I witnessed in the restaurant recently.

An elderly lady felt ill, and although the restaurant was full and the staff were extremely busy, the staff’s response to the lady’s plight was immediate, as one of the girls brought a bottle of water while the other sat with the lady offering comfort and assistance until she felt better.

A young staff member even escorted the lady to the door to confirm she was OK.

The manner in which the staff responded with kindness, dignity and compassion certainly deserves to be acknowledged.

The sign above the doors says it all – Angels, you certainly are.

Pauline Cox, Eddlestone, Rickleton, Washington

In remembrance

NOVEMBER 11 will mark the official opening of the Brothers In Arms Wall. It is with great pride and gratitude that military associations can pay their respects to the recent fallen and those killed during the two world wars.

The Coldstream Guards will be remembering two sons of our regiment, L/Cpl T. Carr, tragically killed on exercise before deployment to Iraq, and Sgt John Amer, killed in action Afghanistan.

All this was made possible by the hard work and selfless commitment of the BIA founders Tom Cuthbertson, Janice Murry, Carla Cuthbertson, Brenda Gooch and Linda Fiskin.

These five have given the ultimate sacrifice, the loss of a loved one. In return have given Sunderland a tremendous legacy to ensure all those heroes who lost their lives in the service of our country since the end of the Second World War are never forgotten.

On November 11, I will stand shoulder to shoulder with the finest of people, knowing that the Wearside community all played their part in making this happen.

Keith Powell, Coldstream Guards Association

Politically naive

LETTER writer Mr Wright’s latest letter shows political naivety beyond belief by striking out at big wigs.

All politicians agree that strong opposition enhances debate. When you look at Sunderland it’s a classic case example. The opposition is so weak in numbers that the ruling party can dictate any policy they choose.

T. Thompson, Leechmere Road, Sunderland