Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

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Serious business of letter-writing

SOMEONE wrote to the Echo saying how much they enjoy humorous letters. I totally disagree. There is too much frivolity on the Letters Page. Call me po-face if you like (most people do), but I believe this page should be a forum for serious debate and big issues (and I’ve sold a few of them in my time).

I have no time for the eccentric, bizarre or the zany with their cock-eyed view of the world. Why we even have one notorious joker who thinks just to mention “Ormonde Street Post Office” is funny (you know what I mean).

What we need are personal slanging matches between councillors and their critics that go on for weeks. Echo readers never get bored with them. We must have more letters from pompous people getting on their high horses. Personally I like letters where the elderly reminisce about Old Southwick.

I cut out any verses sent in by amateur poets and keep them in my great English poetry anthology.

If I pay 10 shillings for my local newspaper, I want hard facts. If I want laughs I shall purchase the Beano or Dandy or maybe the Sun. Why, I expect you’ll be putting Horace and Doris cartoons on the Letters Page next. Or, heaven forbid, Keith Newbery will start cracking jokes in his column.

I’m off to the Palentine Hotel now to have a drink with my old pal Lord Lucan, who’s been living in a sleeping bag in Mowbray Park for the past 30 years.

As for the person who said anyone who writes to the Echo is barking mad, I shall be consulting a libel lawyer.

Woof, Woof.

James Ridler, Hylton Road, Sunderland

Leisure centre site

ROD Hepplewhite in his letter published on June 24 suggested the building of a new leisure centre on the Vaux site next to St Mary’s Way car park, which is all well and good if you travel into the city by car, but it’s a “canny” walk for bus users or Metro passengers.

Surely the most obvious site would be on the site of the old Food Giant store in Park Lane, which is right next to Park Lane Interchange for bus/Metro customers.

Incidentally, it has its own underground car park and there is pedestrian access from the bottom end of Holmeside.

Derek Robe, Helena House, Royal Courts, Sunderland

Charity’s thanks

IT is with enormous gratitude that Animal Krackers gives a big thank-you to the managers of Morrisons branches at Castletown and Doxford Park. They are supporting us with our animal rescue by kindly allowing us to put pet food donation bins in their stores.

This is particularly important as Animal Krackers has been helping the animals and people in need in the city of Sunderland for the last nine years.

Because of the success of Animal Krackers, with our limited resources, it is evident that the city council should be providing a permanent rescue for unwanted and abandoned pets, even if it is in partnership with other animal agencies.

The animal rescue and re-homing situation will only be successful by networking with other groups both locally and nationally. How about it?

We haven’t forgotten the long and sustained support that Asda in Leechmere Road, Sainsburys at Silksworth and H J Stores have given us over the years, not to mention the Sunderland Echo, our staff, customers and the kind people who donate items to our shop.

Sue Hardy and Andrea Parkin, Co-founders, Animal Krackers, Windsor Terrace, Grangetown, Sunderland

Left disgusted

I AM writing in disgust at what the two scumbags did to our brave soldiers’ war memorial. They are the scum of society. I doubt if they would last a week in the Army.

What is wrong with the younger generation who do these things?

I agree with every word Linda Colling writes. Len Gibson said how could any man do a thing like this? Len, they are not men, are they? They are even worse than scum.

I can hardly bear to watch the news when one of our lads has been killed and scum like these are walking our streets. No doubt they’ll get off lightly. I will, like many other people, be fuming if they do.

On another subject, a message for Peter Graham about our football club. I don’t know how you dare complain. Do you realise where our club was going until Ellis Short and Niall Quinn took over?

I have great admiration for them and can’t thank them enough. We were in the doldrums, going nowhere. Niall said it was a five-year plan. Niall is a saint, as he saved us.

You just wait and see. Keep the faith, that’s what I say. Stop being so negative.

M. Dolan, Farringdon, Sunderland