Sadly, we hear much criticism of hospital care but I must express my gratitude to staff on ward E50 (elderly men) of Sunderland Royal.

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Over the last four months, my lovely uncle received the warmest care. Nothing was too much effort for the nurses and other staff, and the doctors and sisters were always approachable.

Everyone employed on that ward deserves recognition for their love and engagement with vulnerable, confused elderly men, singing, joking, chatting and comforting, and showing infinite patience, empathy, encouragement and kindness.

My uncle went through many procedures to find the cause of his deterioration, and staff took great care to keep him as comfortable as possible. He couldn’t speak, see or hear properly but in more lucid moments, he would smile and toy with the nurses, and he valued their gentle attention.

My cousin and I between us were there daily from May to August, and as her dad often just slept, we could observe this daily care.

Sadly, my uncle died three weeks ago, and I saw the distress of the staff, who never gave up on him, and the hugs I received from nurses before and after his death were very much from the heart.

Although, I highlight nurses Christine and Neil, and Dr Owles, that is because we had the most contact with them, but they all were angels, and deserve much better recognition from the Government.

Thank you all, we will never forget the humanity and warmth shown.

Your presence helped Ossie through his last days, giving him your time and love, which I know was reciprocated.

Margaret Locklan