Royal family alternative ‘stuff of nightmares’

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I am a regular reader of the Echo, and have been for many years, I was a regular reader of Billy Butterfield, who wrote the Argus column in the Football Echo (happy days).

After reading the sport section I turn to the letters page to read the observations and viewpoints of your readers, some of whom are regular contributors. I would like to take issue with one of them, Ged Taylor. Ged’s latest article clearly indicates his misguided background, regardless of his academic background, he feels qualified to speak on behalf of the majority of this country, about, of all things, the Royal Family. What an ego this man’s got.

Taking emotions out of the issue, it is inevitable that some people will simply accept them because they are part of our history, without considering what the alternative would be. Considering the alternative is the stuff of nightmares, count your blessings Ged. God Save The Queen.

Durham Jack

Proud to be a Barbary Coaster