Roadworks are a mess

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The recent completion of the Aldi supermarket at Hall Farm has brought about a question as to who, within our local authority, is responsible for checking that the project has been completed to the standards laid down (...and I’ll bet there are quite a few standards)?

No doubt the widening of the roadway that took place required that the subsequent resurfacing of the asphalt road surface would blend new to old levels.

Not so – a ‘bodged mess’ I believe is the technical term for this situation.

Who checked this out on completion and why was this error not corrected?

If a contractor levelled a roadway outside a councillor’s home to this standard there would be hell to pay, I think.

We have had numerous instances over the years of planning departments being fastidiously ‘picky’ on levels of finish, so why not here?

We await the correction team’s rapid response.

Ray Findlay