Researching Whitehaven Pit explosion

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On August 15 ,1947, the William Pit coal mine exploded in Whitehaven, Cumbria, , killing 104 miners.

This August, the 70th anniversary of the disaster will quietly be commemorated at the pit’s memorial garden.

The month will also see the release of the second edition of the award winning book “104 Men: The 1947 William Pit Disaster, Whitehaven”, which details the lives of each man.

I would like to appeal to anyone who may have photographs or memories of any of those miners or their families. Perhaps there is a chance that someone will have living memory of it, or cherish stories passed down, even possess old pics in an album or attic.

If anyone can assist in my endeavour to gather these things, I can be contacted by writing to 50 Bechtel Street

Cambridge, ON Canada

N3C 3Y8, or

Amanda Garraway