Relocation of children’s service waste of money

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Your report by Fiona Thompson reported on the reallocation of children’s services to the library in Fawcett Street.

Apart from discussing whether or not the move is justified in the current economic climate the figures quoted do not add up.

The estimated figure given is £2.6million of which the Department of Education is granting 50% which simple maths tells me is £1.3million.

According to the report the council is going to receive £1.75million and the remainder of £1.2million funded by borrowing.

How are these figure arrived at? To cap it all Councillor Louise Farthing says it will be cost neutral? How on earth can it be cost neutral if you are borrowing money which has to be payed back.

I must be missing something.

For what it’s worth if you want people involved in this serious business of looking after our children, it makes sense to me to keep them altogether to talk and discuss options as needed. It looks like another waste of ratepayers’ money being spent on fancy offices, titles, without any apparent justification.

R Taylor