Relocation is ridiculous

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Regarding the council’s ridiculous proposals to move the city library to the museum, there are such a lot of books, seating and computers to relocate. This would result in the loss of floor space for museum exhibits.

Then there is the question of all the money that was ploughed into the refurbishment of the second floor. (This was carried out not long after I wrote to the Sunderland Echo in 2013 about the poor state it was in).

The rest of the building has been run into the ground.

For years we have had problems with the toilets. The middle of the ladies toilets has had an ‘out of order’ notice on for months, despite it being reported to the facilities manager.

We have only recently had the light bulbs replaced in the dark, unpleasant lift after being promised by reception staff that the would report it.

The main exit has been out of order for a while so that people have to squeeze past each other going in and out of the little side door.

The flooring outside the toilets and around the lift should have been replaced years ago.

There are more cracks than in crazy paving and I’ve seen better in a skip.

I haven’t noticed any other city, or even town, treating its central library like this or planning to relocate it.

Readers have repeatedly said how money could be saved.

These suggestions include stop wasting money, cut allowances so that they are in line with what Newcastle councillors pay themselves, stop paying staff such huge golden handshakes, cut the number of councillors and reduce the amount spent on trade unions.

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