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The council wants to save money by taking it from the most vulnerable and blaming the Government as the cause.

May I suggest that it starts with the civic centre and gets rid of some of the highest paid executives in the country, some of them on more than £100,000 a year.

It is no good saying we have to pay them this money if we want the best, the children services proved them wrong.

Why do we need to pay extra money for portfolio holders for extra responsibility so that when it all goes wrong it is nothing to do with them?

If the portfolio holder and the leader had any morals they should have resigned immediately.

The last time this council hit the headlines was when we had one of the highest number of days taken off in the country. They should all be made to bring in sick notes from the doctor and put them on statutory sick pay, that will save the council money. Then stop all the perks, cars and the pensions we are all paying for and any other ones we no nothing about.

Why do we need 70 odd councillors? It should be one only per ward. It was not long ago one councillor had to pay back £11,000. So to save money, start inside the golden halls of the civic centre.

G Liddle,