Put all clubs on even basis

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I’m in agreement with West Brom boss Tony Pulis that the transfer window seriously needs to be looked at.

I really don’t think you need two transfer windows. I strongly believe that all transfers of all the players should be done and dusted by the start of the season. At lease everyone, the managers, players, fans, know where they stand.

There is far too much money being thrown around in football today and how many times do we see stars (footballers) paid far too much money, and then struggle to find any sort of form. Then the rumours start that they are not happy at their clubs, and the players thinking to themselves am I in the manager’s long term plans and does he think I am good enough to be at the club?

The transfer window is having an affect on players and it needs to be sorted.

How many times do we see teams struggle in the league, then once the transfer window opens the clubs bring in new players and results pick up?

One transfer window, surely, must be enough then every club would start on an even basis.

William Robson,

Hall Farm Road